Conference on “Work-related deaths, what are the solutions?”
Tuesday, 10 February 2009

The conference with take place on Tuesday 10th February, 2009 beginning at 3pm and Wednesday 11th February, 2009 beginning at 9am. Orientated in the Study and Research project “Health and safety in the workplace- analysis of communication methods and techniques to promote correct behavior models in favour of the young worker”, it will take place at Bari Politecnico’s videoconference hall in Via Amendola 126/B, Bari. The conclusive conference “Work-related deaths, what are the solutions?”



The event, coordinated by Prof. Giuseppe Mastronardi and Ms. Clio Viapiana, will be presented by authorative exponents of the world of culture, work, education and academic society who will illustrate attained objectives.


Research and study have the common objective of “communication” which is an instrument to promote correct behavior and models for the security of health and safety of young workers in the world of work.



Participation is free and all participants, on completion of the course and on request, will receive a certificate of attendance.